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Newsline - January 2015
Camp Emmaus in Mount Morris, Ill., is celebrating gifts that have paid off the expense of a major swimming pool renovation, and is planning a celebration of 50 years of leadership by Bill and Betty Hare. "On behalf of the Camp Board, I would like to extend a thank you for your contributions which have made it possible to completely pay off the expense of the pool renovation," said a thank you to supporters from Mike Schnierla. "The pool renovation, which was completed three years ago, cost in excess of $250,000. Your gifts and the monies from the recent tree sale have allowed us to retire this debt. THANK YOU!"
District Newsletter - March 2013
The retirement of the debt on the repair and renovation of the camp pool has also gone well, thanks to continued giving of local churches and individuals. The Polo congregation very generously donated $10,000 towards that fund this winter. The process of the pool repair project has taken a long time, from the beginning of planning in 2008, to the first use of the renovated pool last season, to now. The original debt of $250,000 has been reduced to $34,000, and we have hopes the remaining debt will be refinanced and then finished in a timely manner.
Budget Appeal - November 2012
Camp Emmaus
Mt. Morris, Illinois

November 12, 2012

Emmaus supporters:

For the past several years Camp Emmaus has been constantly upgrading our facilities. We finished the pool renovation this past spring after many delays and new state regulations. The $240,000 project was funded privately and the balance on the loan stands at $60,000. Our operating revenues have not kept up with the costs to operate the camp on a daily basis. We now find ourselves with renovated facilities and a shortage of operating funds.

We are appealing to the churches in the northern portion of the Illinois/Wisconsin District to come forward and assist both the debt retirement for the pool project and the ongoing operating fund shortage. This appeal goes out to all who have an interest in Camp Emmaus. To our surprise and joy two churches have already decided to step up and assist in this great mission. It is important here to clarify the offer placed by Mt. Morris Church as one of offering $10,000 in a dollar for dollar matching grant toward the Operating fund. This offer would assist the camp in paying its operating expenses through May of 2013. The offer has a timetable which ends May 13, 2013. Any donations must be sent to the camp and marked as matching donations for the Mt. Morris grant offer.

The second offer comes from the Polo Church as a $10,000 donation toward Pool Debt Retirement with the challenge to all that donations be offered to match or exceed this amount. Again, these donations would have to be sent to Camp Emmaus with the memo indicating debt retirement. This offer is not over until the pool debt is erased but the intentions indicate that by spring of 2013 the fund drive could be finished.

The Camp Emmaus Board would like to express its gratitude for these offers and the support of the community.

In Christ's Service,

Ellis Boughton - President
Camp Emmaus Board

Pool Dedication - November 2011 District Newsletter
After a tough summer of delays in updating and re-construction, mainly due to weather problems, the pool at Camp Emmaus is ready for swimmers starting in the summer of 2012. As the pool was not ready for use in the various camps at Emmaus this summer (the first time in 50 years), some other outside facilities were used and the camp board really appreciates the accessibility. A service of dedication for the pool was held Sept. 3 in the Camp Emmaus lodge at the annual appreciation dinner.

Camp Emmaus is owned and operated by the Illinois-Wisconsin District of the Church of the Brethren on 97 acres outside Mt. Morris. Besides the swimming pool and 1 acre lake, the camp has 9 log cabins able to handle 185 campers, a main lodge with kitchen and dining facilities and a retreat lodge and log cabin for year round use. Brethren camps use the facilities in July and August otherwise the camp is available to be rented by other groups. Bill Hare, the camp manager, can be contacted at (815) 734-4268 for more information.

The pool is available for open swim on weekend afternoons in the summer.

Camp Appreciation Dinner / Pool Dedication
Another successful camp season is drawing to an end. We really appreciate your help, gifts and prayers and would like you to join us as we celebrate the completion of the swimming pool.

September 3, 2011
Dinner at 5:30pm
Followed by Swimming Pool Dedication

Please provide a count to Bill or Betty by 8/27 at 815.734.4027

From the Camp Emmaus Board
Dear Friends of Camp Emmaus,

We, the Camp Board and the Camp Managers, Bill and Betty Hare, on behalf of all who have ever found the beauty and spiritual renewal of Camp Emmaus, and maybe dipped your toe in the pool, are coming to you now with an urgent request. Generous contributions are needed now for the completion of the renovation of the pool.

Due to many State regulations and permits, the original plan to proceed 2 years ago was delayed...until NOW. But, NOW the permits have been signed, all State regulations met, and the wheels are rollin'. The contractor has set June 1 as the finish date. Bill will fill the pool with water and we'll be simmin' and campin' this summer and for many years to come.

The pool was built in 1952. A lot has happened since then. Thousands of kids (and grown-ups, too) have learned to swim, cooled off on a hot summer day, and probably made a friend or two around that pool. A LOT has changed since 1952, including the Camp Emmaus pool. Wear and tear on the pool, the plumbing. the mechanical equipment and the water filtration system has made it imperative for the life of the pool, that repairs and renovations must be done.

The plan includes:

  • installation of a new stainless steel pool liner
  • a new, wider deck
  • a new water filtration system
Your Camp Board and Camp Managers have been careful stewards of all the Camp natural resources and monetary resources. Due to the generous donations and selfless volunteers through the years, your Camp has served 4 generations. God's love and the quiet and beauty of nature have guided and inspired many in ways we may never know.


  • Total cost of project: $250,000
  • Amount paid out at this time: $92,000
  • Goal for completion of project: $150,000
God has so richly blessed this area with a wonderful Camp, dedicated leaders and managers.

Pray for the continued Mission of Camp Emmaus.

The Camp Board and Managers
February 28, 2011

Camp Emmaus

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To make a reservation or ask the Camp Managers a question please call 1-815-734-4268;
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