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Dunker Punks Podcast

Dunker Punks are united in following Christ’s radical love by the power of the Spirit to the glory of God. The podcast team speaks up to record witness of Dunker Punks growing Heaven on Earth. We relay the freedom we’ve found in obedient service, study, and community to encourage listeners in their walk on the Jesus way to God’s revolutionary reality. We see ear bud cords stretching like the mustard seed weed, as people regularly tune-in, actively engage, and enthusiastically recommend the Dunker Punks Podcast.

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Camp Emmanuel 2019

JUNE 9-14  HIGH SCHOOL CAMP (completed 9th-12th grade)
JUNE 14-16  PRE-JUNIOR CAMP (completed K-2nd grade)
JUNE 16-21  MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP (completed 6th-8th grade) 
JUNE 23-28  JUNIOR CAMP (completed 3rd-5th grade)
DIRECTORS MEETING  3/9/19 - 1:00 PM (Virden)
CIT TRAINING 3/9/19 - 1:00 PM Virden
and 5/4/19 - 1:00 PM Camp Emmanuel
SPRING WORK DAY/WEEK April 27 to May 4
CAMP CLOSING  October 27

2019 Fall Youth Retreat / Leaf Raking

November 8-10, 2019

Camp Emmaus
3011 W. Camp Road
Oregon, Illinois 61061

When: Registration will begin at 7 pm on Friday Night. Retreat participants will be dismissed on Sunday around noon. We are open to people coming late or leaving early so long as they are at the retreat Saturday Morning.

Who: Everyone currently in 9th through 12th grades plus First Year College students during the 2019- 2020 school year. Friends and advisors are welcome.

Cost:  $30 for youth and adults. Make checks payable to “Illinois/Wisconsin District Youth”

What to Bring: Games, Bible, Rake, Sleeping Bag, Snacks to share, Towel, and Work clothes.

Service Project Information: We recommend dressing comfortably and in layers – it can be chilly in the morning – and you may warm up while raking leaves.

[Registration Information]

Contact Ralph at (847) 742-0918, or via e-mail : rminer151@earthlink.net


Camp Emmaus 2020 Calendar

Here are the dates for 2020:

July 9-11 - Women's Camp
July 12-18 - Senior High
July 19-22 - Elementary II
July 22-26 - Young at Heart
July 26-August 1 - Junior High
August 2-7 - Elementary III
August 7-9 - CIT Event
August 8-9 - Elementary I 

Memorial Day & Labor Day Family Camps are on the traditional weekends.


National Youth Conference 2022

The next National Youth Conference will be held in the summer of 2022.


Ministry Summer Service

What is Ministry Summer Service?
Ministry Summer Service (MSS) is a leadership development program for college students in the Church of the Brethren who spend 10 weeks of summer working in the church (local congregation, district office, camp, or national program).
Why Ministry Summer Service?
Congregations may ask, "Why should we take on a summer intern?" Young adults may ask, "Why should we work for the church for a whole summer?"

The answer has to do with God's call. The Bible is a record of God calling people to challenging tasks. MSS is no exception. Through MSS, God is calling congregations to reach out in the ministry of teaching and receiving. God is calling young adults to explore the possibility of church work as their vocation.